Romance consultant and Event Planer

A Little Something About the Owner of RED

If there’s ONE thing that I’m passionate about, its love! I'm not just an “event lady.” I wear many hats but at the end of the day I can’t leave out that I am a wife! And to know me is to know that I have to be great in each one of those areas.

Over time, after setting up multiple romantic events for friends, family, and even some co workers, it was actually my loving husband that came up with the idea that I might as well make it official and start up a business and here I am! The rest is history in the making!

I LOVE, love and it brings me a new found joy  being able to help people express their love and appreciation to their special someone.
What I’ve learned is its not the money or the material gifts, its the fact that someone took the time to really focus on the element of romance!

Its like magic! With all the hustle and bustle of life, people forget that romance isn't something you read or watch; its an actual action word! Romance is something you DO, and I absolutely love being able to assist people in this department.

Maintenancing  your relationship  and keeping that fire not just lit but blazing hot is not an option, it’s a necessity! Yes, “happy wife='s happy life" but let's keep in mind we should be reciprocating the effort ladies!

Your Romance Consultant/ Event planner