1. Date night
    Marriage Proposal
  2. Anniversary
    Valentine's day
  3. Birthday
    "Get me out the doghouse"
  4. Double date
    First date
  5. Spontaneous
  6. Mothers/ Fathers Day
    Reservation handling
  7. Push gift
    Romantic room set up
  1. Private dinner
    Concierge service
  2. Special note/ creative writing (vows)
  3. Luxury gifting
    Vendor research
  4. Creative deliveries
    Location scouting
  5. Custom invitations
    Theme conceptualizing
  6. Courtesy telephone calls
  7. Date coaching
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  1. Love is memora-bubble
    Love is memora-bubble
  2. Love is unique
    Love is unique
  3. Love is magical
    Love is magical
  4. Love is extravagant
    Love is extravagant
  5. Love is exciting
    Love is exciting
  6. Love in abundance
    Love in abundance
  7. Love is golden
    Love is golden